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Letovo Schoolcampus / atelier PRO

December 26, 2018 Pilar Caballero 0

The official grand opening of a special school, Letovo School, took place in Moscow last September. The assignment entailed a 20 hectare schoolcampus with educational facilities, student housing and school staff housing. The school campus offers extended outdoor sports facilities with a soccer stade, a running track, tennis courts and basketball courts. In addition there is a greenhouse, a treeyard and ample space for wandering and relaxation in the green.

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Channing School Performing Arts Centre / BuckleyGrayYeoman

December 25, 2018 Daniel Tapia 0

BuckleyGrayYeoman has completed an 8,500 sq ft Performing Arts Centre for Channing – an independent girls’ school in Highgate London. The professional-standard facility has been designed to provide facilities for the teaching of both the dramatic arts and technical theatre skills, with rigging and lighting that can be configured and operated by school-age children, making the technical aspects of theatre production as much a part of the educational programme as the action on stage. 

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Girls Home / DCOOP Architects

December 24, 2018 Rayen Sagredo 0

The Girls’ home is part of a residential school campus for girls from distressed backgrounds. Each structure is home to two families – one on each floor of the building. The family consists of a house mother, her two assistants and twelve girls.

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St Teresa’s Sixth Form Center / IF_DO

December 23, 2018 Martita Vial 0

St Teresa’s School is an independent girls’ school located in the green belt in the Surrey Hills, an area of outstanding natural beauty. The new Sixth Form Centre is the first phase of IF_DO’s 10-year masterplan for St Teresa’s, which aims not only to improve the school’s built fabric, but also to reconnect the primary teaching areas of the site to the natural landscape around it.

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School in Vorarlberg / AO Architekten

December 21, 2018 Pilar Caballero 0

The existing situation with the highly vertically structured building was upgraded to add a significant volume at the south eastern building corner, calming the building structure and also tangibly increasing the presence of the school in the context of the village through its aesthetics. The existing colors and materials were referenced, and the scale and suitability were maintained.

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Longyuan School / ZHUBO-AAO + H DESIGN

December 20, 2018 韩爽 - HAN Shuang 0

Along with times changing and urban space juxtaposition, open teaching has been gradually taking place of traditional indoctrinating teaching. Such open-ended teaching requires not only indoor classrooms, but also outdoor teaching places. Based on the situation of limited urban space, unique regional culture as well as sundry education environmental requirement, how to make a school meets all the requirements of a new era is a question now.

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Espaço Núcleo Pulso / 23 SUL

December 20, 2018 Daniel Tapia 0

Espaço Núcleo Pulso is body awareness and therapeutic space in the center of São Paulo. The institution is located on the last floor of a tall building, hosting different sorts of activities. 

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Reconstructed Past / MABIRE REICH Architectes

December 14, 2018 Daniel Tapia 0

Close from what it must have looked like when it was inaugurated, college Jean Mermoz is a typical witness of scholar architecture from the ’60s. We took the opportunity of the need, the extension of the meal facilities and the creation of the sciences cluster, to rethink progress and links between the different buildings, and redefine a new identity.

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Haldenacher Primary School / Dürig AG

December 11, 2018 Daniel Tapia 0

The pedagogical guidelines of the primary school in Birmensdorf led to an innovative and unique architectural interpretation. The room sequence stimulates the interaction amongst the different classrooms and offers openness, flexibility and versatility during class. The rooms are visually and physically connected to a continuous learning landscape. The staggering volume allows each classroom to have an additional façade, increasing natural lighting and solar gains. This measure leads to a structured and small-scale interior, creates places of retreat, generates learning niches and gives the students a feeling of security without compromising overall orientation.

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Primary school Nezamyslice / Malý Chmel

December 7, 2018 Rayen Sagredo 0

The maximal external volume of the house was determined before the start of the design. This limit defined the footprint, the maximum height of the building and the height of the individual floors, which are linked to the existing school building.
The requirement was to design a building containing classrooms, chill-out and communication spaces within this volumetric limit. The partition of the spaces was conducted with the smallest possible amount of architectural dividing elements – four rooms of each floor are separated by four walls, making it possible to avoid the corridors.

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MAD unveils plans for kindergarten with red rooftop playground in Beijing

November 29, 2018 Katie de Klee 0

MAD architects has reveals its designs for Courtyard Kindergarten, which features a dynamic roof that surrounds a historic Chinese courtyard and acts as a playground for the children. The Beijing-based architecture firm, led by Ma Yansong, designed the building to preserve the cultural heritage of the site, while creating new spaces that wrap around the

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School Rotewis / Rohrer Sigrist Architekten

November 28, 2018 Martita Vial 0

The new building closes the existing settlement gap. Due to the location and the volumetric training of the new school the multi-purpose building will be integrated into the building structure without taking away its independence. The new volume mediates between the Hörnlistrasse and the new rest area, between the school building and the multi-purpose building.

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East Campus of Ningbo Xiaoshi High School / United Design Group

November 24, 2018 Collin Chen 0

A campus is full of experience and the sense of place. The unforgettable leaning life in this campus will go with students and teachers’ lifetime, and give them memories, courage and strength in many times. From this, we have designed “vitality hill” and “the circle of knowledge” which could be the core of campus. It will assume a hundred years of effective educational ideals and cultural heritage, but also the new era of innovation and exploration of the future education model.

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Groupe Scolaire Germaine Richier / MDR Architectes

November 21, 2018 Pilar Caballero 0

The location of the new school is precious thanks to its situation at the core of the Ovalie neighborhood: it is surrounded by the remarkable wooden spaces of the Clos de l’Herminiers and by the large pines of the water castle siding the Paul Valery avenue. Its ZAC conception makes it completely utilize this environment by mainly connecting it with “soft modes”, which allows for a rather exceptional arrangement for a public equipment of this nature. Indeed, we received the opportunity of designing a building in agreement with a major public space on its main facade and create a true synergy between the building and its immediate environment. For a school, the epitome of a citizen location, melting pot of conviviality, dynamism, and openness, this dialogue built between assembly and public space is essential.

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Neeson Cripps Academy / COOKFOX Architects

November 12, 2018 Rayen Sagredo 0

The Neeson Cripps Academy is a school for secondary education in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, built for the Cambodian Children’s Fund. Located in a neighborhood of extreme poverty adjacent to the site of the former Steung Meanchey garbage dump, the school provides high-quality education to 400 of the city’s most disadvantaged children, aged 13-18, with a robust English-language program, STEAM curriculum, and globally-connected learning.

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WeGrow / BIG

October 30, 2018 María Francisca González 0

BIG and WeWork’s collaboration and belief in creativity manifests through the first WeGrow school in New York City. The interactive learning landscape supports a conscious approach to education, nurturing the growth, spirit and mind of the 21st century child. The 10,000 ft2 learning universe for children aged three to nine is located in WeWork’s HQ in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.