This Hotel Room Was Designed To Have The Bed Sunken Into The Floor

August 17, 2017 Erin 0

  Architecture firm LYCS have recently completed the interior renovation of the Mylines Hotel in Hangzhou, China, and as part of the project, they designed a futuristic room that has the bed sunken down into the floor. The only part of the bed that rises up from the floor is the small top part of […]

Theo Möller And Ingo Maurer Have Designed An Inflatable LED Lamp

August 14, 2017 Erin 0

  Designer Theo Möller together with the team at Ingo Maurer, have designed ‘Blow Me Up’, a light that needs to be inflated to be installed.   The light comes in a can and you simply unroll it, blow it up, and connect the wires. There’s a sensor switch that’s integrated on one side of […]

50 Uniquely Beautiful Wall Sconces That Also Serve As Decorative Pieces

August 9, 2017 HD Staff 0

In need of fresh lighting ideas? Whether you’re looking for attractive fixtures to complement your decor, or need something stylish to illuminate a specific side table or favorite reading chair, we hope you’ll find a light you love in this diverse compilation of decorative wall sconces. From ultra-modern adjustable bedroom lamps to rustic farmhouse lights […]

Ohad Benit Designs Lighting With Bubbles Of Glass Surrounded By A Brass Ring

August 3, 2017 Erin 0

Photography by Itay Benit   Israeli designer Ohad Benit has created the STRESS lighting collection that takes inspiration from the shape of a bubble being blown through a ring.   Photography by Itay Benit The collection, which includes a pendant light, floor lamp and table lamps, uses a simple brass rod with a glass bubble-like shade […]

Cool Product Alert: A Dog-Like Desk Lamp

July 30, 2017 HD Staff 0

Guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone who gazes at it, this unique doggy can be neat addition to your desk. You can get it on Amazon. If you enjoy unique desk lamps like these, do check out our following posts: 50 Unique Desk Lamps 50 Uniquely Cool Bedside Table Lamps That Add Ambience To […]

Niamh Barry Has Designed A Collection Of Dramatic Lighting Sculptures

July 26, 2017 Erin 0

  Irish artist Niamh Barry has designed a collection of unique, limited edition light sculptures that play with creatively with various shapes.   ‘Walking’ Taking inspiration from movement and form, her large pieces are intertwined with each piece of the sculpture connected to each other. ‘Form’ Barry uses bronze, either polished or patinated, opal glass, […]

Sculptural Twists And Turns Create The Dramatic Form Of These Lights

June 29, 2017 Erin 0

  New York based designer John Procario of Procario Design, has combined his love for sculpture and lighting, and transformed it into a series of pieces named Freeform. With each light, depending on the angle you view it from, it takes on a different shape. The original design of the series features white oak that twists and […]

The Alysoid Light Uses Delicate Chains To Create The Shape

June 27, 2017 Erin 0

  Japanese designer Ryosuke Fukusada has created a sculptural and delicate pendant light collection named Alysoid.   The collection, designed for Italian lighting manufacturer AxoLight, is a group of hand crafted aluminum lights that take inspiration from the geometric shape of the Alysoid or ‘catenary arch’, which has been described by Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, […]

Cool Product Alert: The 3D Illusion Creating Ziggi LED Lamp

June 25, 2017 HD Staff 0

Could there BE a more cool looking table lamp out there? Check out this wonderful creation by the designers at Studio Cheha: “The “shade” is actually a 2-dimensional plate of acrylic glass, and the instant the warm LED light is turned on, the shade becomes a 3-dimensional design. The result is entirely intriguing to witness, […]

Freshen Up Your Home Decor With Blush Pink Accents

June 14, 2017 Keely 0

  Blush pink accents in your home decor are the perfect solution to brightening up your house in a pinch. Today we’ve compiled a list of 14 different modern items perfect for any interior…   1. Made with hues greys, whites, and blush pink this watercolor print with a wood frame adds a soft pop […]

Cool Product Alert: Lighting Inspired By Living Beings

May 28, 2017 HD Staff 0

Check out these gorgeous lights designed by Chen Bikovski that take inspiration from wildlife – specifically deers and peacocks! Look at how antlers and feathers made of light shoot up in dramatic fashion when you switch on these two cool models. Get it on Amazon.

50 Unique Floor Lamps That Definitely Deserve The Spotlight

May 22, 2017 HD Staff 0

Floor lamps occupy a special place in every designer’s heart – stylish lighting is part decor and part utility, able to stand on their own and make a distinct impression even when they’re not in use. We’ve rounded up 50 of our favorite floor lamp designs, ranging from practical choices for purpose-driven spaces all the […]

This new lamp has an unconventional way of turning it on and off

January 3, 2017 Erin 0

  You’ve likely gone through your entire life turning on and off lights the traditional ways – flicking switches, turning knobs, and maybe even tapping or clapping. But you’ve probably never turned a light on using magnets.   The Heng Balance Lamp, designed by Li Zanwen, is a table lamp made from high quality wood and two […]

The Balance Lamp By Victor Castanera

January 3, 2017 Erin 0

  The Balance table lamp, designed by Victor Castanera for manufacturer Oblure, is a lamp that creates a look of balance between dark and light, and black and white.   Two white glowing orbs sit on slanted steel boards that are balanced by two small black metal balls of the perfect weight to offset the […]