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MUT Design Have Created A Combined Sink, Countertop, Mirror, And Storage

December 6, 2018 Erin 0

  Spanish firm MUT Design Studio, founded by Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón, have designed ARCO, a multi-functional piece of bathroom furniture.   Inspired by the shape of an arch, ARCO is a minimalist design that incorporates a mirror, taps, washbasin, and a shelving system, which is hidden behind the mirror. Designed for Italian bathroom […]

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The Chameleon Villa by Word Of Mouth

July 12, 2018 Erin 0

Photography by Daniel Koh   Architecture firm Word Of Mouth, have designed the ‘Chameleon Villa’, a multi-level home that’s located in a southwest coastal area of Bali, Indonesia.   Constructed on an acre of land, overlooking a dense forest and a gentle river below, the villa sits on a steep contour with an 11-meter difference of […]

Kast Have Designed A Collection of Colorful Patterned Concrete Basins

February 28, 2018 Erin 0

  Kast have designed ‘Kast Canvas’, a series of 3 concrete basins that have contemporary surface patterns to add texture and interest.   Each basin has a different overall shape, like a square, rectangle and circle, but on the exterior of the basin, there are subtle patterns. There’s a variety of patterns such as a […]

Design Detail – Glass Enclosed Bedrooms And Bathrooms

October 18, 2017 Erin 0

Photography by ImagenSubliminal (Miguel de Guzmán)   When architect Manuel Ocaña was designing three apartments in the same building in Madrid, Spain, he decided to use glass walls as a way to separate the various spaces within the apartments.   Photography by ImagenSubliminal (Miguel de Guzmán) By using framed glass walls, the light from the windows at one […]

This Seamless Sink Made From Stone Is Both Sophisticated And Durable

May 25, 2017 Keely 0

  A seamless sink in the bathroom is practical for many reasons – it makes cleaning much easier, it makes it less likely that dirt and grime will build up on the counters, and it creates a streamlined modern look. The Neos seamless sink, designed by Luca Marorano for Neutra, has all of the benefits of […]

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Cad Blocks Set

December 1, 2016 Eric Chen 0

Cad Blocks Set These combo paks feature many of the AutoCAD block symbols combined into money saving paks that will save you money over purchasing individual libraries. This is by […]