Stylish Streamlined One Room Living

April 23, 2018 HD Staff 0

A home doesn’t need to be of sprawling square footage to hold a gorgeous and comfortably functional interior, the best ideas can come in very small packages. Take this couple of one room living spaces as great examples. These two compact studio apartments each incorporate bold features with a stand out sense of style. The […]

Sweet Apartment Interior For A Baker

March 13, 2018 HD Staff 0

A sweets baker resides in this 49.57 square meter(534 square feet) Banqiao, Taiwan based home, created by A Lentil Design. The project, sweetly entitled ‘Meio’s kitchen’ was designed to include many details, with every single corner crafted with focus on refinement and exquisite taste, whilst still reading as clean and unadorned – just like one […]

4 Small Studio Interior Designs That Give Little Places A Lift

February 28, 2018 HD Staff 0

Live small, think big. The designers of these four small but beautifully formed studio apartment interiors have put together decor schemes that are filled with gorgeous home style, furnishings and attractive accents without feeling overstuffed, despite their limited proportions. A small open plan studio layout can too often feel like each and every area is […]

2 Gorgeous Attic Apartments That Use Grey As Base

February 13, 2018 HD Staff 0

You can’t go far wrong in applying a modern neutral grey as a base for your decor scheme – or can you? Actually yes you can. Too much of a good thing can become monotonous or dull, too little and your interior design may come across as half-hearted and wishy-washy. So, what to do? These […]

Apartment With Energised Colour Scheme

February 6, 2018 HD Staff 0

Located in Kiev, this 110 square metre apartment was designed by 33BY for a young professional woman. The aim was to concoct a layout that would suit a vibrant personality that loves to partake in travel and spiritual development, enjoys music, studying literature and business. The modern home is sectioned into two separate areas, which […]

Luxury Apartment Interior Design Using Copper: 2 Gorgeous Examples

January 3, 2018 HD Staff 0

We all like the idea of luxury. But while there may be a certain style of interior design that evokes the word, isn’t true luxury just being able to create the space you want? Just because you can afford those trappings of generic luxury like gold accessories and expansive kitchens does not mean that such […]

A Scandinavian Chic Style 3 Bedroom Apartment For A Young Family

December 22, 2017 HD Staff 0

A chic vibe runs through this Scandinavian style home, located in Minsk, Belarus. Much of the furniture is of a classic clean-lined Scandi design that we have all come to know and love but we also find a couple of little surprises along the way. The decor that sits as backdrop to these pieces offers […]

A Modest Sized Apartment That Makes The Best Use Of Available Space

November 20, 2017 HD Staff 0

Whilst we all love to stretch out and wander around an enormous home tour, or drool over a cool cutting edge interior, sometimes we crave a bit of cosy home comfort. The nesting instinct in us appreciates the beauty of a more compact bolthole, with cushiony furnishings and uplifting colour. Well if you’re feeling ready […]

A Modern Take On 1940s Home Style

November 15, 2017 HD Staff 0

Ever wanted to know how to inject a bit of nostalgia into the interior of your home without compromising on contemporary aesthetics? This is a modernisation project that transformed an apartment set in a preserved 1940s building. The project, located on Hen Boulevard, Tel Aviv, was sent to us by interior designer Galya Ben Asher […]

Three Cozy Apartments that Maximize a Small Space

November 7, 2017 HD Staff 0

No matter how big your home, you want to be able to maximize your use of the space. In a larger area, this is a bit easier to do with the careful placement of furniture and organized storage solutions. However, as a home gets smaller, space-saving solutions have to get a bit more creative. One […]

5 Contrasting Small Apartment Designs

October 25, 2017 HD Staff 0

This collection of five small apartment designs is a fistful of contrasting inspiration. We have something for just about everyone’s sense of home style here. As we journey through each mini home tour, including some of their floor plans, we will hit a few that build upon clean white base palettes; one with minimal decor, […]

A Plush Red Apartment with Rustic Accents

October 24, 2017 HD Staff 0

Red can be a difficult color to work with when it comes to interior design. Too much red and a space can end up feeling hostile and loud, very far from the tranquil and inviting atmosphere that most people want. This apartment, located in Kyiv, Ukraine and brought to us by visualizer Alesya Kasianenko, uses […]

A Beautiful Apartment with Space to Work from Home

October 12, 2017 HD Staff 0

More and more jobs are allowing people to work from home. Having the flexibility to work from home has shown to increase worker productivity as well as happiness. While it used to be only a certain type of executive that would deign to have a home office, today it’s virtually a necessity. In this home, […]

Grey and Yellow Open Plan Small Apartment Tour

October 6, 2017 HD Staff 0

The remodeling of this small flat in Minsk, by designer Zrobym, shows us that small spaces don’t always appear tightly stuffed, and that they don’t need to be devoid of features and colour to achieve a spacious look. This particular compact home uses pops of solid yellow to tie each area together, without the strong […]

Geometric Cut-Outs Provide A Glimpse Of What’s Inside These Cabinets

October 3, 2017 Erin 0

  Design firm Mili Mlodzi Ludzie have recently completed the interiors for this apartment in Poznan, Poland, and as part of the design of the living room and dining area, they created a wall of cabinets that have geometric cut-outs in the doors.   Some of the cut-outs allow for direct access to whatever is […]

This Brazilian Apartment’s Interior Design Features Wood Accents Throughout

September 20, 2017 Erin 0

Photography by Denilson Machado   PBK Arquitetura have recently completed the interior design of this large apartment in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that features plenty of wood accents.   The apartment, designed for a family, has a large living room with two light brown leather couches and a wood box ceiling. Photography by Denilson Machado Just off […]