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3 Small But Super Stylish Apartments

December 20, 2018 HD Staff 0

These three little homes may be super compact but they are also super stylish! Clever layout and zoning techniques help fit in all the mod cons and home comforts, with unique room dividers creating clear sections in open plan spaces. See how dramatic modern lighting schemes are able to turn up the drama, completely unaffected […]

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Dark, Warm & Welcoming Apartment

December 10, 2018 HD Staff 0

A chic picture is painted over a dark canvas in this home interior, visualised by Dezest. Warm neutrals and rich natural materials are the palette that softens the bold shadowy background, and add a tactile welcoming feel. The apartment is filled with the soft forms of fashionable furniture by brands such as Living Divani, Lago […]

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Six Calm, Cool & Collected Small Studios

December 4, 2018 HD Staff 0

Many of us live in more compact sized apartments because of financial restrictions, for easy maintenance, for proximity to work/family, or all three. Despite the conveniences, these kind of living quarters can often lead to a feeling of being boxed in or experiencing clutter overwhelm. Even decor itself can at times feel like it is […]

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Small Apartment With Big Ideas On Bespoke Furniture

November 21, 2018 HD Staff 0

The architect team at Line Design Studio have designed a bespoke space saving interior for an apartment that measures just 65 square metres. Located in Svetlogorsk, Russian Federation, the apartment features a narrow living room that was also required to include a dedicated work area for the client. The kitchen occupies a separate room, complete […]

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Cozy Contemporary Family Apartment in Moscow

November 15, 2018 HD Staff 0

Linear silhouettes and a palette of modern neutrals dress this 110 square metre apartment in Moscow, designed by ATO Studio. This is a family home with an open plan living space that encompasses the lounge area and a kitchen diner, where family members can come together even when partaking in different activities. The entryway stands […]

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Color in Compact Apartments Blends Personality & Minimalism

October 4, 2018 HD Staff 0

In minimalist apartments that are short on space, it’s important to add personality to keep the living areas from feeling too stark. In these two apartments, pops of color make for eclectic living spaces that offer utility and style in a small package. Designed and visualized by Polish firm Zarysy, this first apartment in the […]

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Studio Apartment With Glass Wall Bedroom & A Swing In The Lounge

October 2, 2018 HD Staff 0

There are swing seats, and then there are seats that are a swing – it’s a subtle but clear difference that you’ll see illustrated in this quietly quirky 65 sq. m studio apartment located in Minsk, Belarus. Being of studio status, it has the completely open floor plan you’d expect, where you could just about […]

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Home Of Surreal Interiors & Modern Empire Style

September 26, 2018 HD Staff 0

These fabulously surreal interiors make up one complete home concept, which was envisioned by Moscow based Only Design, in Russia. The surrealist imagining is achieved by combining different eras of soviet design, where decadent Empire style has a meeting with minimalist modern pieces. Classical sculpture receives a crashing update of colour, and is combined with […]

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Refined Room Designs In Grey Decor

September 14, 2018 HD Staff 0

This refined home is a vision of pale grey decor, put together by LVI Studio. It is a sophisticated open plan with high ceilings and arched windows. The interior carries a sense of tradition, through its classic looking kitchen cabinets and chunky cast iron radiators, bedside edison bulb wall sconces and a velvety tufted headboard. […]

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Small & Serene Family Apartment in Minsk

September 4, 2018 HD Staff 0

Despite its modest floor area, this two bedroom, one and a half bathroom apartment feels spacious and serene nonetheless. The home is located in Belinskogo, Minsk, Belarus with an 91.25 square metre interior that has been carefully redesigned by Zrobym Architects. The modern design has a calming colour palette of smooth light grey, warming natural […]

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Stepping Up Studio Apartments

August 29, 2018 HD Staff 0

Studio apartments haven’t always had the best rep; it’s not entirely desirable to have your bed right next to your living room sofa, or your kitchen right there in the bedroom. But wait, these four gorgeous studio apartment designs are all set to change that negative view. Witness sumptuous interior decoration that will make any […]

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Modern Eclectic Apartment In A Historical Host Building

August 21, 2018 HD Staff 0

Located in the heart of Kyiv, Ukraine, a 180 square meter apartment in a remarkable architectural monument was designed for a young male by the 2B Group. To preserve the heritage of the host building, it was decided that original brickwork and ceiling beams would be revealed in the final finish. White panels were installed […]

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Two Different Methods of Dividing A Studio Apartment

August 17, 2018 HD Staff 0

These two small homes feature two very different concepts in sectioning very limited living spaces, envisioned by two different creative minds. Our first home has a unique ‘sleep box’ installation at its centre, which effectively divides the home’s floor plan. The sleep module’s rough raw wood finish also brings colour to the rest of a […]

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Dark Interior Elements Set The Mood In This Apartment In Taiwan

August 15, 2018 Erin 0

Photography by Hey! Cheese Photography   White Interior Design have recently completed an apartment in Taipei, Taiwan, that combines black elements with glass, brick, wood, and tile, for a contemporary appearance.   In the living room, a mottled stone wall texture shares the wall with a painted green stripe that covers the lower section of […]

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Maly&Krasota Design Have Completed A Multi-Floor Apartment In Kiev

August 13, 2018 Erin 0

Photography by Alexey Yanchenkov   Maly&Krasota Design have recently completed a multi-floor apartment for a family that lives in Kiev, Ukraine.   Inside the entryway, checkered tiles cover the floor, while a mirrored closet and wood bench create a place for hang coats and putting on shoes. Photography by Alexey Yanchenkov Sliding black framed glass […]

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This Penthouse Apartment In Kiev Is Full Of Industrial Design Elements

August 7, 2018 Erin 0

Photography by Andrey Bezuglov?   Architecture and interior design firm 2B.Group, have completed the transformation of a penthouse apartment, that’s located in what was once the equipment room of a building in Kiev, Ukraine.   Tall ceilings and metal window frames are featured throughout the apartment that has an industrial modern theme. Photography by Andrey Bezuglov? […]

4 Small Space Apartments That Use Clever Ways To Maximize Space

June 11, 2018 HD Staff 0

When living space is at a premium, it’s time to get creative. We all enter homeownership with a list of ideals and wishes but sometimes it’s hard just to shoehorn in the bare essentials. With enough ingenuity and vision though, it’s possible to make something practical and beautiful within seemingly unrealistic confines. These four small […]