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Shipwreck Lodge’s wooden cabins evoke ships washed up on Namibia’s Skeleton Coast

August 19, 2018 Alyn Griffiths 0

Namibian studio Nina Maritz Architects was inspired by the hundreds of shipwrecks strewn along the country’s Skeleton Coast when designing this group of remote lodges. Shipwreck Lodge is located near the dry mouth of the Hoarusib River on the stretch of Atlantic coastline called the Skeleton Coast, which runs roughly 300 miles up the western edge

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2×2 House / Estúdio Mova

August 19, 2018 Pilar Caballero 0

A wide, single storey house, which should be well illuminated, ventilated, opened to the garden and  also have privacy from the neighbors. In addition, it should become two independent homes, one for the oldest son and the other for the rest of the family. These were the requestes from our clients when they searched for our office. The building sit has a rectangular shape with 2500 square meters and it is situated at a calm and beautiful residencial neighborhood in Brasília-DF. 

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Three Defining Movements in Architectural Photography

August 19, 2018 Julia Brant 0

From the first experiments carried out by the French Joseph Niépce in 1793, and his most successful test in 1826, photography became an object of exploring and a resource for registering lived moments and places of the world. Within the broad spectrum of photographic production throughout history, architecture has frequently played a leading role on the records, be it from the perspective of photography as an art, document or, as it was often the case, an instrument for cultural construction.

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From Works creates kitchen that references Peak District landscape

August 19, 2018 Ali Morris 0

Sheffield-based studio From Works has created a bespoke kitchen using materials and colours based on a moss-covered rock found in northern England’s Peak District.  Created for the extension of a family home in Sheffield, the 20-square-metre kitchen combines green-stained plywood and steamed beech joinery with grey fossil limestone worktops and splash back sourced from a

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Urban Design and Research of Nantou Old Town / URBANUS

August 18, 2018 舒岳康 - SHU Yuekang 0

The Nantou Old Town in the city center of Shenzhen, China was founded as a city over 1,700 years ago starting from the Jin Dynasty. In the past century, the ancient town has gradually vanished, while the village was constantly expanding. The exacerbation of urbanization in Shenzhen has resulted in an intertwined layering with complex pattern of the historical town embedded in the urban village, which is again encircled by the city—“village in city, city in village”.

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Identiti Advertising Renovation / Meister Varma Architects

August 18, 2018 Rayen Sagredo 0

Identiti is an advertising and branding agency run by a father-sons trio who wished to consolidate their home and office in different parts of the city into a spacious live-work unit. By the time we were approached, a building had been purchased for this purpose on a relatively compact 270 sqm site. The existing structure was an archetype of a build to rent style prevalent throughout Kerala with low daylight and even lesser character. Cramped room sizes resulting from a half-baked interpretation of Vastu (traditional Indian system of architecture) made matters worse.

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Habitat Filter / Matt Drysdale + Matt Myers + Tim Dow

August 18, 2018 Daniel Tapia 0

Designed for Transurban and situated in the Melbournes Art precinct on an inaccessible freeway off-ramp island, this major sculptural installation provides an integrated approach of artwork paired with habitat. Solar panels power provide some electricity for lighting, bird boxes provide shelter for wildlife,

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Davidpompa creates “vivid tour” of materials at its Mexico City showroom

August 18, 2018 Eleanor Gibson 0

Design studio Davidpompa has revamped its showroom in Mexico City to include a rich collage of the local materials featured in its products, like big chunks of volcanic rock, weathered brass and copper rings, and decorative black clay. Davidpompa has occupied its showroom in Roma Norte – a trendy neighbourhood in the Mexican capital –

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Bernardo Rosello’s minimal El Maitén house in Buenos Aires is almost entirely white

August 18, 2018 James Brillon 0

Argentinian studio Bernardo Rosello Arquitectura has chosen all-white finishes for this home in Buenos Aires, which was designed for one person but will eventually be expanded to fit a family. The architecture firm completed the minimal white property in Bahía Blanca – a port city in the Buenos Aires province. It is located in a residential

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Where to Store Your Ironing Board (7 photos)

August 18, 2018 Victoria Harrison 0
Whatever your ironing style — whether you like to press every piece of clothing right down to your socks or you have a more relaxed approach to wrinkle reduction — chances are you own an ironing board. But where should you store this essential but bulky item? Here are some inspired solutions.

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Home Time: Bring Touches of Forest Into Your House (9 photos)

August 18, 2018 Becky Harris 0
When your vacation time becomes a faint memory, it’s wonderful to bring the getaway feeling from one of your favorite trips into your home. If a camping trip or cabin stay in the forest is your favorite kind of adventure, create the calm, peaceful feeling of the woods indoors with soothing green hues,…