51 Garden Statues To Add An Artistic Touch To Your Outdoor Decor

Think of them as art for your garden. Garden statues are the perfect accessory to enhance and intensify the intended mood of an outdoor space or sunroom. Whether you are looking to infuse your backyard with a bit of humor, balance the composition of your landscaping, or draw attention to specific aspects of your outdoor decor, a garden statue is a great solution. No matter your style or budget, there is surely a garden statue for your outdoor project, so we’ve scouted out the best of the best to help you find that perfect one. And we completely understand if it ends up being the super cool, solar dragon!


Flamingos Garden Statue: A classic garden statue subject trades in the cheap plastic look for a chic, glossy enamel. A great way to add a pop of color to any backyard or garden.


Decorative Weathered Crane Garden Statue: Being a symbol of good fortune and longevity, who wouldn’t want a crane or two in their garden!? This rustic, metal duo has been topped off with a patina finish that will only get better with age.


Bronze Garden Cranes: Another crane couple, but this time in a sleek bronze. This crane comes as a single and can freely stand on hard, flat surfaces or be staked in the ground for greater stability.

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Herons With Outstretched Wings: This exquisite, bronze pair of heron make quite the statement with their outstretched wings, almost as if ready to take flight. Handcrafted with thick metal and finished with high quality, metallic paint.

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Blue Heron Garden Statue: This blue heron is a beautiful sight with its detailed feather work and brilliant, handpainted finish. He has a metal construction that is both durable and weatherproof.

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Peacock Garden Statue: A peacock statue that is well-suited for even the most elegant garden. This peacock takes on the name Staverden, named after the Staverden Castle in the Netherlands where white peacocks have been kept since the 1400’s.

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Sitting Dog Statue: In the words of Mr. Burns, “Release the hounds!” This sitting dog statue is made of magnesia and finished off in a distressed grey. Available looking in either direction.


Dog With The Flower Basket Statue: Man’s best friend and apparently quite the decent flower gatherer. This statue represents the love and loyalty of a true friend.


Digging Dog Statue: Face down, butt up, look at this adorable pup. This quirky sculpture is available in two styles, Terrance the Terrier and Highland Terrier (shown).

From $10BUY IT

Dog Memorial Statues: All dogs go to heaven, but that doesn’t mean we don’t miss them like crazy when they’re gone. Celebrate the life of your pup with a memorial statue. Multiple designs available.

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Concrete Cat Sculpture: Celebrate your feline friend’s 9 lives on earth with a concrete, cat memorial sculpture. Made in the USA with quality, cast stone concrete.

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Cat Garden Statue: A piece of cat decor fit for the garden. This two foot tall cat and his mousy foes are constructed of alpine stone and stand a little over 2 feet tall.

From $16BUY IT

Cat Memorial Statues: A cat memorial statue is a great way to memorialize your furry friend. Many designs available, some are even customizable.

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Lone Howling Wolf Garden Statue: This lifelike statue is sure to be showpiece in any garden. It is hand cast using real crushed stone and handpainted.


Lion & Lamb Statue: The king of the jungle can now be the king of your backyard! He even brought along a little friend. This famous biblical symbol shows that even enemies can live together in harmony.

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Lion Garden Statue: A regal looking jungle cat that is perfect to guard any garden. Place one on each side of a path or entrance for a look that exudes power and elegance.

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Resting Lion Garden Statue: Just your everyday lioness hanging out in a tree. While most statues are meant for ground use, this one can be perched on a tree branch. How neat is that!?


Panther Garden Statue: On the prowl and looking fabulous. This jungle cat will infuse any garden with an exotic aesthetic. Available in 3 sizes.

$740BUY IT

Life Size Deer Garden Statue: Add a big splash of the wild to any landscape with a life size deer. This woodland creature will look majestic anywhere you put it.


Concrete Garden Turtle Statue: Slow and steady wins the race and this cute little guy also won over our hearts. This lifesize turtle statue is affordable, weatherproof, and boasts to last a lifetime.


Meditating Frog Garden Statue: The new zen master for your garden has arrived! This meditating frog is the perfect statue to add a bit more tranquility to your outdoor space.


Weathered Angel Garden Statue: A rustic guardian angel to look over you and your garden. Some reviewers have even stated that is makes a great memorial piece. Also available in 2 additional designs.

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Fiona The Flower Fairy Garden Statue: A magical addition to any yard, Fiona the Flower Fairy is both stylish and whimsical. Whether she is peeking out from your garden or catching a few rays in the sun room, she will always be brimming with a playful charisma.

$428BUY IT

Archer Fairy Statue: Just over 4 feet tall, this stunning archer fairy will add big style to any outdoor space. Topped off with a two tone finish that elegantly enhances every detail of this bow wielding beauty.

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Angel Playing The Harp Garden Statue: A treat for the eyes and the ears! This harp playing angel statue uniquely features 10 wind chimes that will harmonize with every gust and breeze.

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Classic Angel With The Bird Garden Statue: This angel with her bird is the perfect symbol of the afterlife and reincarnation. Featuring a fade resistant, distressed finish that also boasts to be mildew resistant.


Weeping Angel Garden Statue: Quite a few angel statues made our list, but none quite as unique as this one. While most angel statues are standing, this one sets itself apart from the crowd with its seated position.


Cherub Garden Statue: Each slightly over a foot tall, these cherub statues are affordable and classy. The finish of this pair features hints of color, contributing to their unique finish.

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Marian Garden Statue: A garden statue that inspires devotion to the Holy Mother. This historical replica was based on a french church antique and is destined to bestow grace anywhere it is placed.

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Shook Draco Metal Dragon Garden Statue: If you want a fantasy sculpture that is luxurious and dominant, then you definitely need to check out this metal dragon. He is an iron guardian that stands over 5 feet tall.


Dragon Garden Statue With Solar Glowing Globe: A garden light that is anything but boring. This iron dragon statue features a solar globe that is symbolic of a “flaming pearl”. A true treasure for your garden!


3 Piece Swimming Dragon Garden Statue: Imagine this ferocious beast dipping and diving through your landscape. This medieval dragon will look fierce weaving its way through your flower garden or popping up by your pool.


Sleeping Dragon Statue: A baby dragon that just wants to nap. This cute little guy is a highly affordable garden statue that is crafted from cold cast ceramic.

$172BUY IT

Dragon Skull Garden Statue: Picture digging around the flower bed and unearthing this mythical beast! If you want a conversation starter for your garden, then this is definitely the statue for you.

$245BUY IT

Sculptural Dragon Mailpost: Meet the new mail keeper! It turns out even dragons like to read the daily paper. A piece of dragon home decor that will make your mailbox look ferociously unique.

$162BUY IT

Gargoyle Garden Statue: If they are good enough to keep castles safe, then why not your garden. Gargoyle statues were famously used on buildings to both divert rainwater and ward off evil. Talk about double duty.


Yeti Garden Statue: This just in! There has been a Bigfoot sighting in the garden. Fair warning, probably not ideal for those with neighbors that can’t handle a good scare since he does come as big as life size.

$227BUY IT

St.Francis Bird Feeder Statue: If you are a lover of all of God’s creations, then you and St. Francis have a lot in common. Welcome the saint of animals and ecology into your backyard with this bird feeder statue.

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Michelangelo’s David Garden Statue: A depiction of David before his victory over Goliath right in your garden. Made with real crushed stone and set in resin for superior durability.


Boy & Girl Garden Statues: Featuring children in an antiquated bronze finish, this garden statue is both playful and timeless. The perfect touch of whimsy for any landscape.

$107BUY IT

Boy & Girl Dancing Garden Statue: Ring-a-round the rosie,
a pocket full of posies.
A garden sculpture that is all about the carefree joys of childhood. Available in 2 sizes.

$117BUY IT

Girl With Birds Garden Statue: With that many birds, this girl is practically a Disney princess! A whimsical, handpainted garden statue that is available in two sizes.

$125BUY IT

Angel Protecting Kids Garden Statue: Always safe, always loved. These children are in the best hands–or wings–possible. Each guardian angel statue is meticulously handpainted by skilled artisans, giving an end result filled with depth and rich tones.


Small Resting Buddha Statue: If you are looking for small piece to add to your zen garden, then consider this resting Buddha statue. Don’t have a zen garden? This statue would also look great in a yoga studio, meditation room, or sun porch.


Meditating Buddha Head Garden Statue: Thanks to a weathered stone finish, this Buddha head looks far heavier than it actually is. A highly rated Buddha made from lightweight cast resin.


Easter Island Statue For Garden: One of the world’s most intriguing archaeological artifacts can be right in your backyard! Assumed to be depictions of local chiefs, heroes, or gods, bring the mystery of these Easter Island statues to your home. Available in multiple sizes.


Rock Arch Garden Sculpture: This stone arch perfectly highlights the beauty and simplicity of nature. Each of these arches is created using handpicked river stones from the shores of Java Island, Indonesia.


Solar Illuminated Japanese Pagoda Lantern Statue: Shine some light on your beautiful landscaping with a solar , lantern statue. A great way to usher in not only light, but a bit of serenity and peace. Great for zen gardens.

$1146BUY IT

Large Japanese Style Pagoda Garden Statue: Standing almost 6 feet high, this Japanese Pagonda will tower over your flowerbeds. A large statue that is sure to add some visual interest to any garden.

$300BUY IT

Modern Abstract Garden Sculpture: If your garden needs a bit of modern flair, then this is the statue for you. The abstract nature of this piece will make it feel like there is modern art right in your garden.

$300BUY IT

Abstract Wavy Garden Sculpture: A high quality, aluminum statue that can be enjoyed either indoors or outdoors. Each handcrafted piece includes a certificate of authenticity and a whole lot of modern style!

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